1896 stationery w. reply TPO 89 (Derpt-Taps), Heinrich Tiidermann, Peningi/Raasiku-Berlin


Postmark 16.03.1896, H/O 16:1, TPO 89 Derpt-Taps (Tartu-Tapa). German arrival postmark dated 31.03.1896 (19.03 by Gregorian calendar). Complete international stationery card with reply part attached. The card is written and sent by Estonian school teacher-turned-photographer Heinrich Tiiderman (https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Tiidermann), the letter is likely about ordering photography-related material. He was author of the first Estonian language photography handbooks. Written sender’s address: Heinrich Tiiderman, Peningi, through Raasiku railway station.

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