1940 registered letter, non-delivery slip with printing error, Viljandi-Tartu

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Registered letter sent from Viljandi to Tartu. In Tartu non-delivery form was attached with reason “Unknown” underlined. The form has misprinted year in printer’s imprint, which must be “Riigi Tr. III 40 (1022)” but shows “Riigi Tr. III 30 (1022)”.  The form is listed as number REPF13 in my Postage due and postal markings in Estonia 1918–1944 catalogue, the error will be added to upcoming update with number E:1.  Even without error the form is relatively scarce due to short usage time as later in 1940 bilingual Estonian/Russian form was released. Correct inland R-letter rate 30s. Note condition,  tears in front side.

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