1942 Luftfeldpost, chemically censored, “Ungabe Bestimmungsorts ungenügend”, Eastern Russia/Luga


Sticker “Ungabe Bestimmungsorts ungenügend” — “Inadequate destination”, returned to the sender. Marks of chemical censor on front and back side to reveal possible “invisible” secret writing. Likely posted from Eastern Russia, Luga area.

Feldpost 16718
(1.2.1941-11.7.1941) Feldkommandantur 189 V
(24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 10.9.1944 gestrichen.


Field post numbers from 1941: The entry was field commander Feldkommandantur 189 V. On September 10, 1944, the entry was deleted. The Feldkommandantur 189 (FK 189) was erected on May 15, 1941 in Military District IX . The staff was deployed after deployment in the east. The staff was subordinated to the commander Army North . The staff was deployed to the 285th Security Division in Narwa. In 1944, the staff was deployed under the Wehrmacht Commander Ostland. In autumn 1944, the staff was transferred to the military district XII . There, the staff was dissolved in 1945. The replacement deployment of the staff was performed by Infantry Replacement Battalion 36 , later Grenadier Replacement Battalion 36 .

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