1942 postage due cover to neutral country, Tallinn-Genf/Zürich, Switzerland


Civilian mail outside of Ostland region was not officially allowed at the time of sending this letter. Here is civilian mail from Tallinn to Red Cross in Switzerland, thus sent to neutral country outside of Ostland region using Estonian postal system. The letter was exceptionally forwarded, but postage due mark “T 35” was added in Tallinn. Actually the postage due amount 35 rpf is strange, as foreign rate was 25rpf and there is 12rpf stamp present, so due amount should have been 13 x 1,5 is about 20 rpf. However, I have seen other letter sent months earlier that carries similar “T 35″postage due and also letters that have passed to Switzerland with just 12rpf stamp. This shows there was a lot of confusion about foreign postal rates and which country was actually foreign. The letter is also addressed to “Deutschland”, perhaps that was to cheat postal workers and get the letter moving. Censor mark “Aa” from Königsberg. Mail to neutral countries is scarce.

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