NB! 1918 Ob Ost provisional postmark “Reval” on 3 pf printed matter, mis-sent to Riga, re-directed back to Reval/Tallinn

Advertising sent as local printed matter (3 pf, addressed to “Siin”/”Here”). Posted in Reval on last days of April 1918 before arrival of calendar postmark in May, note the very scarce provisional “Reval” one-line postmark. Mis-sent to Riga on some reason, where the stamp was cancelled with “RIGA *e*” postmark on 1.5.1918. Re-directed back to Reval (red pencil writing “Reval”). Note the advertising is for a show that was taking place on April 30, 1918, so the letter has been likely posted in Reval a few or more days earlier than that date. Beautiful and interesting exhibition quality item.

For trade/exchange.